Discover Financial Excellence: Join Advertising Nepal's Financial Literacy Program and Banking Training

Empowering Nepal: Unlocking Financial Wisdom through Advertising Nepal's Innovative Financial Literacy Program

Embark on a journey of financial enlightenment with Advertising Nepal's cutting-edge Financial Literacy Program. Our initiative comprises two dynamic pillars: the 'Financial Notices' Digital Notice Portal and the 'Financial Literacy' Economic Monthly Magazine. In collaboration with the Central Bank of Nepal (Nepal Rastra Bank - NRB), Banks, Financial Institutions, Cooperatives, NGOs, and INGOs, we bring you a comprehensive program aimed at enhancing both financial and digital literacy.

Our Financial Literacy Program is meticulously crafted to cater to diverse professionals, including students, teachers, farmers, stock market enthusiasts, bankers, and more. Through strategic partnerships, Advertising Nepal ensures that our program is not just informative but also aligned with the ever-evolving landscape of the financial world.

Join us in fostering a financially literate society. Whether you're navigating the stock market, managing finances, or simply seeking economic insights, our program is designed to empower you with the knowledge needed for financial success. Let's build a brighter financial future together.


Comprehensive Banking Training Programs in Nepal - Elevate Your Financial Expertise with Advertising Nepal

Discover tailored banking training programs designed to meet the evolving needs of Nepal's banking and financial industry. Advertising Nepal conducts Training Need Assessments (TNA) regularly to support Banks and Financial Institutions. Our diverse training categories cover Pre-Banking Refresher Courses, Customer Services (including Customer Service, General Banking, Leadership, and Marketing), Consumer Loans (Hire Purchase, Residential Loan Financing, Stock Financing, Regulatory Reporting), Corporate Loans, Trade Finance, Credit Administration (covering Credit Administration and Regulatory Reporting), and Management Development Programs (Leadership for Management Trainees and Officers, Managers and Executives, Team Building, Motivation, and Brand Building). Elevate your skills with our Internal Audit and Compliance training. Join us to stay ahead in the dynamic world of banking.