Defying Limits: How Hari Budha Magar Conquered Mountains and Inspired the World

 Hari's Inspiring Journey: Conquering Mountains and Changing Perceptions


Hari Budha Magar, a former Corporal in the British Army's legendary Gurkha regiment, is a record-breaking mountaineer and adventurer who has overcome extraordinary challenges. Despite losing both of his legs in an IED explosion in Afghanistan, Hari has defied all odds and become the first ever double above-knee amputee (DAK) to summit a mountain over 6,000 meters. His incredible achievements and unwavering determination serve as a testament to the human spirit's indomitable strength and the power of a positive mindset.

A Trailblazer in Mountaineering:

Hari's list of achievements is awe-inspiring. He has shattered barriers and set numerous records:

The first DAK to climb Mera Peak (6,476m), Ben Nevis, Everest Base Camp, Mt Toubkal, Chulu Far East, and Mont Blanc with prosthetic legs.

He holds the world record for being the first ever DAK to summit a mountain over 6,000m.

From Farming Family to Gurkha Soldier:

Hari's early years were spent in a farming family in Nepal, surrounded by the majestic Himalayas. His fascination with climbing Mount Everest was kindled from a young age, even though he knew very little about the feat. Despite facing hardships, including cooking for himself and an arranged marriage at the age of 11, Hari's resilience and determination shone through. Joining the renowned Gurkha regiment was a turning point in his life, allowing him to serve with honor and professionalism.

The Harsh Reality of Injury:

While on patrol in Afghanistan in 2010, Hari's life changed in an instant when he stepped on an IED. The explosion resulted in the loss of both his legs above the knee, as well as multiple other injuries. Hari's immediate concern was for the safety of his men, and he grappled with feelings of shame and failure. However, he found the strength to overcome his darkest moments and embarked on a path of recovery and resilience.

Triumph Over Adversity:

Hari's road to recovery was arduous, both physically and mentally. He spent a month in the hospital and tirelessly worked for 12 months to learn to walk again with prosthetic legs. Supported by various charities and organizations, he immersed himself in sports and adventures, from skydiving to kayaking, proving that disabilities do not define a person's capabilities.

A Transformational Mindset:

Hari refused to accept the societal prejudices and discriminatory beliefs surrounding disabilities. Determined to challenge and change these perceptions, he dedicated his life to empowering individuals with disabilities and reshaping the way they view themselves. By demonstrating his resilience, human endeavor, courage, and the power of a positive mindset, Hari has become an advocate for living a meaningful and successful life regardless of one's physical condition.

Inspiring Change and Conquering Dreams:

Hari's story is not just about his personal triumphs but also about empowering others. By successfully challenging the ban on disabled climbers at the Supreme Court in Nepal, he paved the way for individuals with disabilities to pursue their dreams. Through his endeavors, Hari hopes to raise awareness about disabilities globally and inspire people to believe in the limitless possibilities life offers.


Hari Budha Magar's remarkable journey from a devastating injury to becoming a record-breaking mountaineer is a testament to the strength of the human spirit. He has transformed the way people perceive disabilities and has become an inspiration for countless individuals facing their own challenges. By conquering mountains and defying limitations, Hari showcases the power of determination, resilience, and a positive mindset.

Overcoming Challenges and Inspiring Others

Hari's story is a testament to the power of determination, resilience, and a positive mindset. Despite facing unimaginable hardships and the loss of both his legs, he refused to let his disability define him. Instead, he embraced his new reality and embarked on a journey to shatter stereotypes and push the boundaries of what is possible.

Throughout his recovery, Hari faced numerous physical and emotional challenges. The road to learning to walk again on prosthetic legs was long and arduous, requiring immense strength and perseverance. But he never gave up. With unwavering determination, he took control of his life and set out to achieve feats that seemed impossible.

Hari's achievements as a mountaineer and adventurer are awe-inspiring. He became the first double above-knee amputee to summit a mountain over 6,000 meters, setting records and breaking barriers along the way. From climbing Mera Peak in Nepal to conquering Ben Nevis, Everest Base Camp, and Mont Blanc, he proved that disability does not have to limit one's dreams and aspirations.

But Hari's journey extends far beyond mountaintops and record-setting achievements. He has become a beacon of hope and inspiration for people with disabilities around the world. Through his extraordinary story and remarkable accomplishments, he seeks to change the way society perceives disability and how individuals with disabilities perceive themselves.

Hari understands the power of representation and the importance of challenging societal norms. He firmly believes that disabled individuals should be seen as capable, strong, and deserving of equal opportunities. By sharing his story and embracing his own uniqueness, he encourages others to do the same.

His advocacy work goes beyond personal achievements. In 2018, Hari joined forces with climbers and disability organizations to challenge and overturn a ban on disabled climbers attempting to conquer Mount Everest. This landmark achievement not only opened doors for disabled individuals but also showcased the indomitable spirit of Hari and his fellow climbers.

Hari's aspirations extend beyond his personal journey. He aims to inspire and empower individuals facing similar circumstances to believe in themselves and their limitless potential. With nearly 1 billion people worldwide living with some form of disability, his mission is to change the narrative and create a world where disability is not a barrier to success and happiness.

His incredible mindset and unwavering determination have made Hari a role model for countless individuals. He demonstrates that adversity can be overcome, that dreams can be achieved, and that a positive mindset can conquer even the most daunting challenges. Through his adventures, he proves that anything is possible with the right mindset, support, and refusal to give up.

Hari's story serves as a reminder to all of us that our limitations are often self-imposed. He challenges us to break free from the constraints of our own minds, embrace our uniqueness, and strive for greatness in the face of adversity. He shows us that it is not the circumstances we are born into that define us, but rather how we choose to respond to them.

As Hari prepares for his next monumental challenge, the summit of Mount Everest, he carries with him the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of countless individuals. He represents the resilience of the human spirit and the unwavering determination to overcome any obstacle.

We can all draw inspiration from Hari's story. Whether we face physical limitations, personal struggles, or societal barriers, his journey reminds us that we have the power to rise above adversity and create a life filled with purpose and meaning. Hari Budha Magar is not just a record-breaking mountaineer and adventurer; he is a symbol of courage, inspiration, and the limitless potential of the human spirit.


  1. "Adversity is the catalyst for greatness, and our limitations are merely stepping stones to our true potential."

  2. "In the face of hardship, resilience becomes our greatest ally, propelling us towards new heights and uncharted territories."

  3. "Determination knows no bounds; it is the fuel that ignites the fire within us to overcome any obstacle, no matter how daunting."

  4. "Embrace your uniqueness, for it is the very essence that sets you apart and empowers you to rewrite the narrative of what is possible."

  5. "The power of a positive mindset can move mountains, shatter barriers, and transform lives. Believe in yourself, and let your indomitable spirit soar."