Department of Int'l Relations and Diplomacy (DIRD)

Latest Projects

The Department of International Relations and Diplomacy (DIRD) began as a two-year Master’s Program in 2013 within the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Tribhuvan University. The Doctoral course on International Relations and Diplomacy was simultaneously introduced in 2018, with a goal to encourage and publish original and rigorous research in the field. DIRD adopts an interdisciplinary approach towards global politics and economy, and aligns an in-depth study of foreign policy and diplomacy, with special courses designed towards understanding Nepal’s foreign policy behavior and diplomatic practices. The Department fosters academic minds with research at the core of the discipline. Through a diverse faculty, the graduate school provides an intellectually invigorating environment, which prepares students for careers in various sectors that ranges from academia, civil services, media, non-state organizations and think tanks, among others. The department also engages in independent research, holds conferences and publishes its Journal of Foreign Affairs annually.