Public Notice ads in Newspaper

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on booking public notice ads in different newspapers in Nepal. If you have a public notice ad that needs to be released, we are here to assist you every step of the way. For guidance and help on how to publish your public notice ad, please call us at 01-4536465. We provide free guidance on choosing the right newspapers for your needs.

Our services include:

  1. Public Notice Ads in Newspapers and Online:

    • We facilitate the publication of your public notice ads in both newspapers and online platforms.
  2. Classified Ads:

    • There are two types of classified ads available in Nepal: Classified Text Ads and Classified Display Ads.
    • Classified Text Ads are the most cost-effective form of advertising in any national daily newspaper. These ads appear in the classified section in a standard running text format, and the rates are charged per line, word, or character basis.
  3. Display Ads:

    • Display advertisements offer maximum visibility and flexibility. They can be published on any page and occupy any desired space in a specific newspaper page in Nepal.
  4. Bank and Financial Institution Notice Ads in Financial Notices Online Notice Portal:

    • We assist with publishing notice ads for banks and financial institutions on the Financial Notices Online Notice Portal.
  5. Cooperative Notice Ads in Newspapers:

    • If you need to publish notice ads related to cooperatives, we can help you with that in various newspapers.
  6. Legal Notice Ads in Newspapers:

    • Our services include publishing legal notice ads in newspapers, ensuring proper reach and visibility.
  7. Public Notice Format in English and Nepali:

    • We provide assistance with creating public notice formats in both English and Nepali languages.
  8. Name Change Ads:

    • If you require an ad for changing your name, we can help you publish it in newspapers.
  9. 35/21/15/7 Days Legal Notice:

    • We assist with the publication of legal notices that need to run for a duration of 35 days.
  10. Newspaper Advertisement for Loss of Share Certificate:

    • If you have experienced a loss of share certificate, we can help you publish an advertisement in newspapers.
  11. Company Shares / Equity Shares Lost Ads:

    • We provide support for publishing ads related to lost company shares or equity shares.
  12. Public Notice for Purchase/Sale of Property:

    • If you need to publish a public notice regarding the purchase or sale of property, we can guide you through the process.

We work with a wide range of newspapers in Nepal, including Kantipur Daily, Annapurna Post, Nagarik News, Gorkhapatra, The Himalayan Times, Karobar Daily, Aarthik Abhiyan Daily, Rajdhani Daily, Nepal Samachar Patra, The Kathmandu Post, The Rising Nepal, My Republica, Annapurna Express, Nayapatrika Daily, and many more.

For personalized guidance and support with booking your public notice ads, please reach out to us at 01-4536465. We look forward to assisting you in effectively publishing your public notice ads across various newspapers in Nepal.